Mosquito Control

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Child being swarmed by mosquitos.

Mosquito Treatments in the Triangle

We are pleased to now offer 8 seasonal mosquito treatments to help you enjoy your outdoor space without fear of contracting mosquito-borne illness.

These treatments are highly effective at keeping disease-carrying mosquitos at bay and our highly trained associates take great care when treating your property. Find out how you can add mosquito treatments to your plan by getting a quote today or just give us a call.

*Mosquito service is not available in all areas. Please contact your regional team to find out more.

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Mosquito Barrier Services provide guaranteed results and protection for your family and pets against disease-carrying mosquitos.

Heavy mosquito activity and the dangers of diseases they carry can make enjoyment of your outdoor space nearly impossible. With our mosquito control program, the population of mosquitos will be greatly reduced, so you and your family can take back your outdoor space! Through our guarantee, simply contact our trusted team if any issues or concerns arise after your treatment takes place.

Benefits of Mosquito Control

We know where to find mosquitos and how to stop them.

  • Hassle-free estimates and service setup!
  • Automatic scheduling takes the hassle out of keeping up with service dates. We will handle that for you!
  • A custom plan based on your specific outdoor space. We will effectively reduce mosquito activity in the areas that are common to harboring mosquito repopulation.
  • We guarantee a reduction in mosquito activity. If you’re unhappy with services, simply reach out.
  • We provide advice and tips on how you can also help to reduce mosquito populations, so your family can enjoy the maximum benefits of our service.

Keep your family safe from moquitoes

Mosquitos are a major nuisance, but they are also carriers of many deadly diseases.

Mosquitos carry deadly diseases such as the Zika and West Nile Viruses, as well as Dengue Fever. These illnesses can be transmitted through a bite to you, your pets, and anyone trying to enjoy your outdoor area. Set the worry aside with Eastern Turf Maintenance’s Mosquito Control program!

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